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    ⤷ 2024
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Catch up on all of the product announcements and check out builder stories from our customers.

Replit Developer Day recap

Read the full recap of the Replit Developer Day event.

Introducing: Replit Teams

We’re bringing the power of Replit to your team, so that you can collaborate, develop, and deploy software together.

Introducing Code Repair

Code Repair is the world’s first low-latency program repair AI agent. Informed by Replit’s unique data on developer intuition, and grounded in real-world use cases to automatically fix your code in the background.

Builder Profile: Pietro Schirano

Pietro Schirano is the co-founder of EverArt AI. By pursuing his ideas on Replit, he’s been able to nurture a curiosity in AI into a startup with multiple apps and functions, run on Replit.